What obligations do lenders and mortgage brokers face?

The Mortgage Act imposes a lot of information obligations on lenders, as well as regarding the shaping of marketing messages. The consumer should carefully monitor the news from banks, because each failure requires supplementing or changing the conditions in favor of the borrower. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is responsible for analyzing contracts […]

Christmas – the festival that many can not afford – Cheap credit comparison

Parents under pressure For many parents, Christmas is anything but a contemplative feast. In terms of children’s wishes, Christmas means for them to go beyond the limits of what is financially feasible. After all, 30 percent of all interviewed parents admitted in the survey that they are overburdening their household budgets in order to meet […]

Despite government subsidies, fewer loans: banks let economics hang

  Do not keep their promises The banks in Europe do not keep their promises: despite the billion-dollar government bailouts, banks are no longer lending to companies. But that was exactly what they had promised politicians. Lending is even lagging behind in many countries. The damning discussion about the existence of a credit crunch does […]